Model Decoy

by Model Decoy

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released February 17, 2016

Model Decoy is:

Doron Monk Flake - vocals, lyrics
Ari Sadowitz - guitar, bass, programming


David Marvuglio - bass
Dan Gluszak - drums

Produced by Alex Prieto and Ari Sadowitz
Engineered and recorded by Alex Prieto at Sonic Debris, NY, except track 6, recorded by Dan Gluszak at Chateau Gluszak, NY
Mixed by Alex Prieto
Mastered by Mike Kalajian, Rogue Planet Mastering

Art & Design by Ari Sadowitz



all rights reserved


Model Decoy Brooklyn, New York

Fantastic 2. Nerd-art rock for the people.

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Track Name: Oxytocin
With a heartrate increase
To rush my face with color
Oxytocin is released
Whenever we're near each other
Like a shot to my knees
They turn to rubber
The last thing that I need is more
But it's all I want and

When you lay your head on me
I forget to breathe
I forget how to breathe
The Oxytocin gets me

Your eyes rivet my spine
And your lips beg me to kiss and
Compromise my nervous system
When I struggle to focus
The locus of my compulsion is you
Do you know what you do?

Can't you see?
The Oxytocin gets me
Track Name: Ciao, Knives
This is how it works
Inside my heart is a jerk
Who thinks that every girl's the last one
But he doesn't know
The odds are low, so he goes
I feel like Cupid pulled a fast one
But I would rather see you spittin' and cursin'
Tryin' to hit me
Than to have you see me off in the hearse
And then resent me
In the nursing home, you'd finally meet
The guy who's meant to be with you
And you know it's a fact
You can do better than that
You can do better than me
And you will
But it's so wrong to keep holdin you back
Like we got time to kill

(And I don't know what to say)
Baby it's not you, it's me
(And I don't know what to say)
Maybe we're not meant to be
(And I don't know what to say)
Just like Wallace said you would be
Ciao, Knives. You're too good for me

I found a girl, I can't tell if she's into me
I'm head over heels and it feels like an injury
From the look on her face, she's giving nothing away
But she could be the one
The future Mrs. Pilgrim
I know we're still young, but something may grow
Take it from me, baby
Settin you free's the only way that we'll know
Track Name: Hearts in Atlantis
We measure each pain by the worst
Must we weigh every love against the first?
I patiently wait for your bubble to burst
With a pocketful of words that feel over-rehearsed

Now I feel so invisible
Now my blue grows unstable
With my heart bathed in transparency
So you can see how invisible now

You nearly ran me aground
I was there when he was nowhere around
And I bet you think you figured me out
Armed with a kiss, you just walked off with the crown
So where is it now?
I'm too inflexible to suffer my knees to bow
Track Name: Would-Be King
When I confess I need you, will you take me back?
I can't remember color, my sun rise is pitch black
Without you there's no steel in me
No stone
No strength left in my bones
But with you here

I would be king
I would be champion
I'd be the warrior god of the pantheon
With my hands I would tear the stars
From the heavens above me...
If you loved me

I think I hear my hammer callin me
I'm workin just to prove I'm worthy of
The mantle befallen me
I can't speak the lightning now
I'm cut off from the storm
Cast an eye upon your child
And see what I've become
Track Name: The Bride
Just in town to track you down
I can't let it go
I got a hold on your scent right now
I can't let it go
So you can try to hide
But that won't amount to much
You can try to fight
See if you can beat me to the punch
I got a hold on your scent right now
And I can't let it go

This is karma
None of us escapes
Maybe I lost my halo
But you got a balance to pay
You took aim at my head
Now when I take yours instead
Will that finally make us square?
I don't know
But I can't let it go...
I can't let it go

I saw an angel wearing my face
How can she smile such a familiar way?
All at once, my crimson music was gone
Til I remembered why I chased you so long
Track Name: Scar-Spangled Banner
From these sands, I'll watch the Earth rise in the distance
All your complicated plans, you took the path of least resistance
I can't help but laugh at the failure of your systems
You bought yourselves some time but you should take the time to listen
To me... I'll be the last one you see comin
I'll make it easy, I'll be the last one you expect

I'll get you all

Give me your greatest, I'll make legends of them all
Bring me your bravest, you can sing their praises when they fall
Avenger, Defender, finally your target
Won't you send me out the Golden One and let me face the Darkness?
So easy, I'll be the last one you see comin
I'll make this easy, I'll be the last one you expect

You're all so smart to work this out, what will you do now?